Steam locomotive Tr6-39

Manufacturer: Linke Hofmann Lauchhammer AG, Breslau
Serial number and year of manufacture: 2616/1923
Axle arrangement: 1’D
Maximum speed: 65 km / h

Steam overpressure in the boiler: 1,4 MPa (14 at)

Wheel diameter of wheel sets: 1000/1400 mm
Tender series: 20C1

Water/ Coal supply: 20 m³/ 6 t

Service mass of steam locomotive, tender included: 129 100 kg
Length over buffers: 16 975 mm


Steam locomotive of  Prussian origin, known as G8² (series designation DRG 5620-29), built between 1919-1926 by the following  companies: Henschel & Sohn (Cassel), A. Jung (Jungenthal) Linke Hofmann (Breslau), F, Krupp (Essen) and AEG (Berlin). Equipped with a two-cylinder engine with its appearance resembled the G8³ type locomotive with twin three-cylinder engine (at the Polish State Railways designated as Tr3 series). Both constructions were closely related to the Prussian locomotive G12 (also known at the Polish State Railways under the designation of Ty1 series), constituting a variant of locomotive equipped with four motorized wheel sets and with reduced by one felloe boiler drum. After 1945 the Polish State Railways  took over 52 copies, which were designated as  TR6. series. They were grouped at Wrocław District State Railways Management (DOKP Wrocław) where until the beginning of the 70s they were serving at the following locomotive sheds: Kamieniec, Miłkowice, Jelenia Góra, Węgliniec and Kłodzko. The museum copy of Tr6-39 locomotive (designation DRG 56 2795) ended its service at Wegliniec and it was  removed from the Polish State Railways inventory on 19 January 1972.