Steam locomotive Tr203-451

Manufacturer: Lima Locomotive Works (USA)
Serial number and year of manufacture: 8739/1945
Axle arrangement: 1’D
Maximum speed: 80 km/h, since 1955 65 km/h

Steam overpressure in the boiler: 1,58 MPa (16 at), since 1956  1,3 MPa (13 at)

Wheel diameter of wheel sets: 838,2/1447,8 mm
Tender series: 25D203

Water/ Coal supply: 24,6 m³/ 9,1 t

Service mass of steam locomotive, tender included: 132 000 kg
Length over buffers: 18 600 mm


The locomotive represents the American S160 Consolidation  war type , built  between 1942-  1945 in the number of 2,121 copies by the following factories : Lima Locomotive Works, American Locomotiwe Company and The Baldwin Locomotive Works. The project adapted for European conditions foreseen the construction of a universal locomotive, observing the upper limit of the axial load of 16 t, adapted to the British loading gauge and the basic track gauges : 1435, 1524 or 1676 mm. Starting from 1942 a part of those locomotives was transported by sea to the Great Britain, and later according to the plan of Normandy invasion the locomotives were smuggled  into France. 75 of those locomotives  were transferred to Poland within UNRRA deliveries  and have been designated as  Tr201 series;  the other 500 units  which came from military surplus received the Tr203 designation. The Tr203 steam locomotives were commonly used in all locomotive sheds connected to passenger and freight trains operating and above all  they were used during maneuvers. Several units have been sold to industry. Among them was the Tr203-451 locomotive which began its  service at Rybnik  locomotive shed and ended it in Nasielsk. After removal from the Polish State Railways inventory (on 07 October 1974) it was transferred to  Pruszków  Rolling Stock Repair Company (ZNTK Pruszków) from where in April 1977 it was transferred to Wrocław Rolling Stock Repair Company (ZNTK Wrocław)  where the locomotive served until September 1982.