Steam locomotive TKz 211

Manufacturer: Borsig Lokomotiv-Werke GmbH, Berlin-Hennigsdorf
Serial number and year of manufacture: 14714/1938
Axle arrangement: 1’E1’
Maximum speed: 50 km / h

Steam overpressure in the boiler: 1,6 MPa (16 at)

Wheel diameter of wheel sets: 850/1300/850 mm

Water/ Coal supply: 17 m³/4,5 t

Service mass : 135 300 kg
Length over buffers: 15 425 mm


Heavy industrial locomotive - tank locomotive of motorized axle load of  20.4 t, suitable for linear operation consisting in freight trains running . It was built for a private dirt track railway as a ninth and last locomotive. The locomotive began its service at Pyskowice locomotive shed which belonged to the abovementioned company designated as  number "9". In terms of its structure responded to previously  delivered units designated  as "6", "7" and "8". As the tractive force, efficiency of the boiler and coal and water reserves are considered, this locomotive has been designed to adapt to local work conditions. Originally the locomotives were equipped with electric lighting, speedometers and Janney-Henricot automatic  couplers. After the war the nationalization of the Pyskowice dirt track railway  took place and it was included in  Przedsiębiorstwa Materiałów Podsadzkowych Przemysłu Węglowego (PMP-PW) established in 1950 which took over the exploitation of the rolling stock. The  locomotive No. "9" received a designation of TKZ series and inventory number 211. On 26 May 1971 it was transferred to coal mine in Gliwice, where it was used to shunting work until the end of 1973.