Steam locomotive TKi3-119

Manufacturer: Union Giesserei, Königsberg
Serial number and year of manufacture: 2049/1913
Axle arrangement: 1’C
Maximum speed: 65 km / h

Steam overpressure in the boiler: 1,2 MPa (12 at)

Wheel diameter of wheel sets: 1000/1350 mm

Water/ Coal supply: 7 m³/2 t

Service mass : 59 900 kg
Length over buffers: 10 700 mm


Cargo tank locomotive with a saturated vapour boiler of Prussian construction,  built between 1901-1914 as type 3 /, later designated as T9³.  The Prussian-Hessian Railways purchased 2,052 copies of these locomotives, they had such universal design that their construction  features allowed to use them also in passenger train operation.  In the interwar period the Polish State Railways utilized 310 locomotives, which received the designation of TKi3 series (District State Railways Managements in : Poznań, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Katowice and Wilno ) while 10 belonged to the Council of the Port  of Free City of Danzig. After 1945 to  the Polish State Railways inventory  236 TKi3 locomotives were included. They were exploited in the area of the majority District State Railways Managements (except the one located in Olsztyn) essentially for  maneuvering and industrial trains operating, they were subject to gradual reduction. Last locomotives of  TKi3 series ended their service in the late 60's. Presented at the Stacja Muzeum TKi3-119 steam locomotive (previous designation DRG 91 1686) began its  service at the Polish State Railways in 1945 at the Poznań locomotive shed  and ended it  in Leszno. It was deleted from the inventory in 1957. After major repair served at Warsaw Steel Works to January 1972.