Steam locomotive TKl100-16

Manufacturer: Borsig Lokomotiv-Werke GmbH, Berlin-Hennigsdorf
Serial number and year of manufacture: 14528/1934
Axle arrangement: 1’C1’
Maximum speed: 65 km / h

Steam overpressure in the boiler: 1,6 MPa (16 at)

Wheel diameter of wheel sets: 800/1200/800 mm

Water/ Coal supply: 5,3 m³/1 t

Service mass : 57 700 kg
Length over buffers: 10 250 mm


Steam locomotive without tender  built for the needs of the Sławno-Polanów (Schlawer Kreisbahn) local railway, originally designated as number "1". The shape of it was similar to the locomotives of 64 series built for the German National Railways (DRG). After incorporating the Schlawer Kreibahn to the Pommersche Landesbahnen Company the steam locomotive received the designation 61 H 3513, under which it has been taken over by the Polish State Railways on 15 December 1945. Included to TKi100 series under the  inventory number 16 (contrary to  1'C1 ', axis system for which it should be classified as TKl100). Along with the other  TKi100 locomotives it was at the disposal of Lublin District State Railways Management (DOKP Lublin). Among them another unit of identical construction designated as TKi100-10 (ex Schlawer Kreisbahn "2") was used, which about 1951 was renamed as TKl100-10. The TKi100-16 locomotive finished its service at  Skarżysko Kamienna locomotive shed, its last course took place  in November 1970. Deleted from the Polish State Railways inventory on 27 February 1971, the locomotive has been restored by the Sedziszów locomotive shed crew and handed over to Railway Museum in Warsaw.