Stream locomotive TKh1-13

Manufacturer: Orenstein & Koppel AG, Berlin-Drewitz
Serial number and year of manufacture: 9336/1920
Axle arrangement: C
Maximum speed: 40 km / h

Steam overpressure in the boiler: 1,2 MPa (12 at)

Wheel diameter of wheel sets: 1100 mm

Water/ Coal supply: 5 m³/2 t

Service mass : 42 000 kg
Length over buffers: 8550 mm


Manufactured in several varieties by a company from Berlin steam locomotive of a power of 257 kW (350 hp) dedicated to industry and local railways. Their design was similar to the Prussian T3 tank locomotive, built between 1882 - 1906 and appearing at the Polish State Railways under the designation  of TKh1 series, although the series and inventory number designation of the exhibit only accidentally coincide with the Prussian locomotive TKh1-13 exploited after the war by the Polish State Railways (former Tkh1-18 ). The locomotive preserved at the exhibition was built for the Weidenau Deuz local railways where it was designated as "5". At least since January 1955 the locomotive served at siding  of  Włocławek Pulp and Paper Utility, it ended its service at  1975. Removed from the register of Technical Inspection on  6 May 1975.