Steam locomotive Pt47-104

Manufacturer: Zakłady Przemysłu Metalowego H. Cegielski, Poznań
Serial number and year of manufacture: 1302/1949
Axle arrangement: 1’D1’
Maximum speed: 110 km / h

Steam overpressure in the boiler: 1,5 MPa (15 at)

Wheel diameter of wheel sets: 1000/1850/1200 mm

Tender series: 32D74 (34D48, 33D48)

Water/ Coal supply: 32 m³/ 9 t

Service mass of steam locomotive, tender included: 172 700 kg
Length over buffers: 23 920 mm


Production of new  express steam locomotives of Pt47 series  undertaken in 1948  at the first locomotive factory in Poland in Chrzanów and at  Hipolit Cegielski Manufacturing Company in Poznań  was based on a modified pre-war documentation of  Pt31 locomotive, designed by the Fablok  Design Office under engineer Kazimierz Zembrzuski. Introduced constructional changes resulted from technical progress and unification with the  series of Ty45 freight locomotives which was built at the same time. Between  1948-1951 the Polish State Railways  received 180 new locomotives of  Pt47 Series (120 manufactured by Fablok and 60  by Hipolit Cegielski Manufacturing Company), which were delivered to the locomotive shed. Like its prototype,  the Pt47 series turned out to be perfect for its assigned tasks. As part of the modernization process, the majority of locomotives equipped with a mechanical coal feeders which eliminated the physical effort in handling the furnace. Steam locomotives were still intensively exploited to the end of the 80's. The Pt47-104 locomotive exhibited at Stacja Muzeum was  deleted from the Polish State Railways inventory  at Rozwadów locomotive shed on 4 May 1989.